Get Out There

New York might be one of the most fascinating places I've had the opportunity to travel too frequently over the past year. Although I've traveled to NY many times as a child, I am just now discovering why people call it the city of dreams. Its not because those who live there become successful, but because those who live there are okay with being themselves. Never have I seen a place where so much diversity flourishes and is absolutely acceptable. The people there are so comfortable with who they are, that it seems as if New York has provided each and every one of them with an outlet or source that envelopes them, their personality, and their style of dress. If you are looking for a place to go, just to get away, New York is definitely it. 20$ round trip, you cant beat it.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone and start traveling to places that you might not know much about. Even I have yet to discover all that New York has to offer. Over time I will gradually make my way to other parts of the city, but for now Manhattan, Downtown, Soho and a few others have been my go-to's for the past year.