Mad Mittens

About two years ago we found Mittens parlaying in the middle of the street. Small, black, and whinny as all hell, we took him in and decided that we would give him a home. Since then he has changed my entire perception on cats. For one his brain doesn't seem to function like a normal cat does. Its as if his imagination takes over and the objects surrounding him become the set of a World War 1 flick. Anyway, Mittens is probably the most talked about feline I know. Between friends and family, Mittens gets more attention than a little bit, which is cool, but like come on now. The cat first off, has mastered the art of opening the fridge, escaping from the house, and knocking, more so scratching, on doors when he wants some where comfortable to lay. None the less, Mittens is a fantastic edition to the disfunction. His big eyes tell nothing most of the time, his raging appetite is his motivation for living and his senseless late night rampages create a slight hate for the thing at times, but overall, Mittens is just Mittens.