Its Dirt Cheap, Learn

So right. Here we are. Surrounded  in a profound situation where the doors are all locked. So you thought. These things you see, yup right up top, those are the keys to it all. Dirt cheap as well, I mean how much does it really cost to read? This book shop in particular is one I will be returning too. Knowledge, topics, genres, colors, themes and all the things in between. I mean how can you really go wrong with words especially at this magnitude? How many of you pick a random day and take a walk to the local mom and pop book shop whose greeter is a cardboard box with a sign above it saying "take one, their free." Have you ever just thought? I mean really just sat and thought about the things you don't know. Books are the answers or better yet these dirt cheap pieces of paper have given us all we know. So the question is, how much do you know?