Your Pragmatic Properties

So you claim my existence can manifest in your thoughts, but you know not who I am. Can you see the distinction or maybe witness the difference as the glare divides and these eyes try to determine your greatest intentions. What will become of us? Dark in life, but happy at times when the lives of love are at their happiest. Can you see me through these? What do you think as if I should even gather the strength to even care at all, but in today's life, your opinions are facts, or so it seems. Do you still think you know me? Are you prepared for the truth behind the divine I so purely believe in? Estranged tides deserving the side view glance, but do you know why? Can you catch my breath for me and breathe as I do when the hate is chasing me? Will you follow? Will the mysteries of my foot steps invite you further or will your pragmatic properties tell you know?