Strange Change

On that day I decided to leave my comments to myself. No I didn't flock to the polls like everyone else, but did my decision make an impact? Maybe maybe not. On that day I was taking a walk and this is what I found. A man, homeless, poor, just to name a few and yet he holds a sign reading "vote." Do you see the cup barely filled with faces of our countries dead past and even he encourages those on their daily runs to make a decision no one should ever have too. Will I sit here and type why I feel its all fucked, no, but I will say that if you for once think that these photos speak nothing, then you are fucked my friend. The GOV should not encourage its people to choose between two powers as if we were some type of segregated folk. Hmm Ya Don't say. The option to choose gives either or the victory, yet I thought we were one, right? How come the two cant just come together and make decisions together, or is that to humane? Again, before my hands continue to curse the world out, I'll just leave you with this: if we are one, represented to the rest as one, why are we deliberately still partaking in segregation?