I Wonder Why

photoHow enlightening is it to know that some care more about what's happening else where rather than tending to the war we are enduring right at home. Taxes are rising  schools are closing and in a city where both hit home, these folks wish for peace else where.

But, Im not saying that they're wrong, but who is right?

"Stop the War on the People of Afghanistan" should sound more like

"Stop the war on the People who pay for the War."

Sounds about right?

The media and their frenzies divert whats happening here with coverage of whats happening there and again we fall, fall in a trap where we only tend to what we see, like these.

Yes its sad, yes its horrible, no it shouldn't happen, but what about whats happening here?

How about standing at train stations holding signs for the children who will have to discontinue their education or how about those punching down the doors to city hall demeaning they know where their hard own money is going.... I'll wait.

Yeah we don't see that very often,

and I wonder why.