Pieces From the Pages I use to Be

IMG_0448 The pieces you regard, I use to love and live by. The pieces were increments of beliefs and desires and love. The bible to my life and yet these pieces, which once merged the space between my first and my thumb, have subsided. Fleeing like shadows when the sun pardons its beginnings, or like that moment when your tears find salvation at the tip of your chin. The pieces use to flow and the pieces use to tell my heart what my mind couldn't dream and now the pieces, adrift. Hesitant and faint like the tone of my soul, but proud like the quake in which only God controls.

One day I'll remember the Pieces to the Pages I use to Be, hoping these pieces and pages forgive who I've come to be.

Above is just a glimpse to the Pieces to the Pages I use to Be.

Pieces (words)