Waiting to Understand

IMG_2858 To understand the inevitable. To breathe everyday without the preparation of pain for the people who I love, who consume my mental strain.

I want to find a place like this. Is it in my mind or does this place really exist?

Do I base this sight off of what I see? or do I wish for something more as if what I have isn't already enough for me.

The lessons we get from blessings or is it the blessings that teach us lessons, or am I over-thinking the once again, message?

We all know what we must do, we all know right from wrong.

We all know that at some point in time, only the chosen remain strong.

Do these attributes apply to me? Am I just as naive as those I speak of in my journal of fucked up diaries?

I pray to the sky to keep away this pondering negativity, but how can I when I feel like the man always has it in for me?

To understand the inevitable. To find places like these so that we can reassure our thoughts that the things we dream can exactly be what they seem.