Notice Me

photo-7I deleted what I wanted to say two times before I actually began writing this. I have nothing to say because right now in my life, words don't seem to make sense anymore. But images, pictures, paintings, things that live in the still, I can hear what they mean. Instead of forcing my words to make sense of my thoughts, I just watch. This picture was taken on that same day so randomly a bit ago, in which I can tell you nothing of, but at peace this is for me. So before I continue to write the things I already told you I wouldn't, I just want to say thank you to this lovely painting that didn't notice I was there. We are so revolved around how "noticed" we get, that we never truly understand what it means to get noticed without wanting too. I guess I say that to say in life all we have to do is be. If we get noticed or we don't, that doesn't mean we don't exist.