Preaching With Pedro

IMG_0501 copy IMG_0489

Instead of me writing a mesh of things I think I know nothing about, I will admit that I am only posting because I haven't done so in a very long time. Shame on me to let what I created go to waste when I know no one else will do it but me. That's kind of like life right? We tackle obstacles and get bored or discouraged and say "to hell with it," but then sob in our own sorrows for not completing what we started. Sucks huh? But thats life and in life we learn, so don't ever say no one has ever told you different. Im telling you now. Now let me go and apply my own theories and logic to my own life situations. Amazing how we can preach and lecture on whats right and wrong and make the same effin mistakes all the time, but hey that's life and in life we learn.

By the way, the pictures are those of my cat Stuff, well his real name is Pedro, but I call him stuff. Thought he was cute to look at why I spew a few inspirational to do's at you.