A Tune Forgotten

Its done in increments, pieces and puzzles made and put together from nothing. But its the mystery in its peak and the look behind a blink that always makes sense even when you dream. We are given opportunities to grow, learn and live. I am given so many that blessed is not what I am, its who I am. God and his treasures have jeweled my life to the most unimaginable heights, and yet I continue to grow. This is Brittanie Thomas. Someone I met only a few weeks ago, but has marked my mind heavily. A singer, songwriter and artist who has engulfed a soul parallel to her musical realness. "Take Off" a song from her latest 2 Chords and a Pen was shot by the incredible, most gracious Brian "B. Kyle" Atkins. My friend, my mentor, my teacher, my family. On those few days I spent with her and so many great others, these are my moments with her. Alone on the piano staring in to the distance. Taping her long fingers on the keys inching for remembrance of a tune forgotten. These images were taken from a perspective of understanding. An inclination that those who specialize in life through the creative processes the world thrive on, come from the most simplest of people. People who say thank you and your welcome. People who prefer the least, but as for none. Im glad to have met a person as such.




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