And In Conclusion

People always ask what "kind" of photographer am I.  And I always find a way to explain all that I do by simply listing all that I've done in my career as a filmmaker and photographer. As of lately I've concluded that my job is not to claim or be categorized as one type of anything. I would like to be identified as a human who has the God given talent to capture the world in the ways in which I see fit. No one can ever take that away from me. I am proud and becoming even prouder of my abilities to make life live through the simplicities of a technology such as a camera. This is Baby Jason. He has helped me come to my conclusion of just being someone around for life's greatest moments. His incredible personality helped me realize that my job is actually quite simple. Im just there to capture and that is all. IMG_8995 copy

IMG_9033 copy

IMG_9036 copy

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