Wished, The Tree

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We randomly stopped our GPS and pulled over on a street we knew nothing of. Out the car and half way up the block we saw something unusual. Not unusual in the sense of foreign or unknown, just unlikely. It was a wishing tree. A tree that sat in an unfamiliar part of LA which stood out almost on purpose. A kind gentlemen, an artist I guess, as his open door exposed a space drenched in colors and paints and canvass of things. Nice things. He approached and explained quite kindly the tree in which we were so curious of. Afterwards he gave us pieces of paper and pencils to write our wishes and hopes and dreams. For a minute I pondered on what to write or where to start. What was most important, so much so that the universe would grant such a wish? Then it came to me and I wrote. (wish undisclosed).

I say that to say that I would of never guessed in a million years that a wish of mine would sit at the top of a tree in a part of LA I know not much of. Simple yes, important, of course. Its what we find on the many journeys in our lives that make us exactly what we are at this very moment. But first you must go. Go find the experiences rather than sitting and waiting for them. Dreams and wishes do come true so it doesn't hurt one bit to find a wishing tree in a city you know nothing of who is willing to carry and accept what your heart truly desires. Where is your tree?