"One With" sneak peek photo series

IMG_0945 copy These photos have been sitting on my drive for quite some time now. I've been editing them for about the same amount of time and for some odd reason I couldn't get them out or let them go. No matter how many times I edited this series and switched things around and increased and decreased things, it still never truly stuck. I have been running through tutorials trying to find the "right" way to edit them, but then today something heavy dawned on me. I was holding these photos because I couldn't find the right way to alter them, when I should have realized that they need no alterations. The idea behind the shoot was natural, free, peace and acceptance so why did it take me this long to apply all those that created it? I have learned through this entire process with "One With" that when something is happily ready as is, we should always let it live. With that being said, I will present my second photos series "One With" soon.

Subject/model: Casey