"Our Perspective" Ab Soul, These Days Tour, Philadelphia

There is this certain kind of timidness that fascinates me. A mind of such magnitude that requires extensive research and comprehension. A person who's soul's goal is to reach those who's souls know, without force. It has always been an honor to have met this person, then and even now. Today, I have yet comprehended all that he has given, but I've accepted and acknowledged that he is the balance we should seek. His words are like a constant missing factor that always finds a way in moments least expected. His verses are the forceful remedies for questions I didn't know existed. I say this to say that if you know me, you know that Ab Soul is probably one of the greatest humans Ive ever had the pleasure of understanding. I have never admired anyone like I admire him. He is my teacher, my mentor, my souls cure. I remember 3 years ago when I met him for the first time at the TLA in Philadelphia. I interviewed him without intention nor did I know what questions to ask. However I remember saying something along the lines of balance, and his response was his hands lifting in the air and saying "Thats it." Still one of the most memorable moments of my life. Id pray one day to be in his presence capturing his moments towards greatness. God Bless him and us. These photos represent "Our Perspective."

Brianna Lopez