Noel's Energy

Since moving to Los Angeles Ive been in a bit of a creative blockade. I haven't been shooing as much as Id like or creating randomly like I used to and I cant blame anyone but myself. Yes there are circumstances in life that cause your creativity to become a bit stale or unexciting, but it is a must you remain on track. Today, clouds, fog and no sun, I feel like a new person. I feel like I am capable and being capable is all that matters. I used to feel like I couldn't be great and it wasn't because I couldn't be,  it was because I let life's uncontrollable circumstances make me feel like such. I used to write in my journal every night explaining to God and myself how incapable I was and I really focused on the negative aspects of life. Even now I am a new resident of a city I don't really know much about, I have to be out of my current place in two weeks, Im only working part time, my car is home and it cost a bit to get it to me, I don't know where Ill be living in two weeks, nor if I have the money to do so. However, the shit feels great. My life is awesome in so many more ways than what I just listed. My goal in life is to create emotional content for people to look at. And its as simple as that.

I hope you choose to do the same!

Brianna Lopez

Oh these are photos I took back in Philadelphia before I left with my great friend Zamani Feelings and artist Noel. It was her energy in these photos that motivated this post.