Thai New Years Festival

I joined my first photo Meet Up group for some street shooting in Hollywood for the Thai New Years Festival. Though I only met some of them briefly, I highly recommend joining a meet up group that caters to your particular craft and interests.

Im learning that with street shooting, having various lenses could be really beneficial especially if your shooting somewhere that requires just a bit more reach. I also brought along my adjustable FOTGA Fader ND filter that I purchased from ebay. Though prices and options vary for filters, this one only cost about ten dollars and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend using an adjustable filter for street photography as it helps a great deal with over exposure. Sticking to the theme of "over exposing," I used a light VSCO Cam preset and adjusted shadows, highlights, sharpness and exposure so that the images didn't look or feel over processed.

My overall experience shooting the festival was just okay. I have not been shooting as faithfully as I should be and I was a bit uneasy and unsure of how my images would turn out. The lesson learned that day is to not over think it and just shoot based of your instinct and feeling. Im sure my next street shooting session will be a lot more gratifying as I won't put so much emotion and thought into the outcome of my photos.

Brianna Lopez