Lupe Fiasco at BB Kings NYC

I have so much content of Lupe dating back to 2012/13 from when I started documenting and working with 3DLook4DaLogo. From a small east coast tour to capturing Lupe's performances on the west coast, I have to say I may have to publish a book one day. Though I wish to document him outside of performing, this for now is enough. 

I heard Lupe's Kick Push when I was younger, but didn't really start to get engulfed until I went to a concert in Jersey with my friend Mayelin. This was freshman year of college. After that I tracked Lupe's progression by immediately obsessing over "The Cool" and then right after "Lasers." 

At that point I was learning so much about the world via his music that I started to feel a sense of change in myself and how I viewed the world. Still to date, one of the most complex artist to ever do it. The lyrical content and context which he exerts is just, well you know... just different. A refined way of telling a story that required deep listening and a dictionary. 

When I was was introduced to Lupe on the albums I mentioned above, I didn't go back and listen to "Food and Liquor," which many would say is his best album. Even now as a fan of almost 10 years, I have not given it a thorough listen. Im telling on myself here. Im not ashamed however. What I am is grateful to experience the things I do with great artists such as Lupe Fiasco. I have to truly thank first my 3D fam and now Lupe's team who are responsible for showing me so much love and allowing me access to these shows. 

He's currently on tour and when Im back from Japan in November Ill be capturing him in LA and Riverside, CA. Until then you can see more photos of him on my IG page from this show and others.