No Intention | travel vlog 08 | Lake Mead, NV

Music Inspiration: "Wash it Down" Dayne Jordan

There were no endings to my many beginnings. Forged to grasp the concept of free, I am still feeling the hands of God's embrace wrapped around the anxieties of my heart. Dodging the customs set upon us, there are no answers to how Ive grown. Only experiences like the ones I share or the ones I no longer wish to know. This is the equation of what it means to be. To be a person with so many complexities and seconds altering what we were only a moment ago. Whatever it is your looking for, find it with no intention. 

                             Bri Lopez | travel vlog 08 | No Intention | Lake Mead, NV

This one took a minute. I did post some of the images on IG, but the video I sat with. So much has been going on and by all means am I thankful for the many opportunities that have been thrown my way. This trip took place while I was assisting Brett in Vegas. I told myself that I was going to make sure I took a few hours to go somewhere Ive never been before. It was either the Redlands or Lake Mead. I had to work that day so I chose the closer option, Lake Mead.. 5:30Am I woke up, did some things, and was out the door at 6AM right before sunrise. 

As Im writing this, I'm just getting back in from being in New York working Portfolio reviews at Photo Expo. I felt horrible for not having a vlog up since I posted my last piece on Oct. 3. Then I thought, why am I putting so much pressure on something Im choosing to create? It makes sense. When we create art and expect others to receive it as we do, it no longer carries its authenticity. We start to alter and I don't mean towards perfection, but towards that little voice in our head modifying shit because of what we think others may think. Right this second so many blessings are entering my life and in order to appreciate every moment I have to make time to take time. These vlogs, travels and experiences I cant explain do that for me.

Do you do the same? Are you creating restrictions or setting aside the time to produce? Are you sharing your light and not giving into fear? What are  you scared of? Will you tell me? At this very second are you free? Is there someone else right now controlling when and what you do? Do you want to be there? If yes why? If no why? Do you have a choice?

What are your intentions? 

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