My nightcap with GoPro, CineXinsert & more

When Im not running around like a mad person, I try to attend as many events as possible that help me learn more about my craft as a visual content creator. Last week I attended a few events and the first one on my list in some time was the CineXinsert & GoPro event that took place at the Gallery Theatre. What was amazing was learning all of the many opportunities GoPro's creative community provides to those who shoot content with GoPro's. I explain a bit more further down in the article. 

The first part of the event was a Q&A where the audience was encouraged to ask industry professionals any questions they had regarding editing, work flow, storage, computers and more. Though I didn't ask any questions what stuck with me the most was the idea that having your data backed up is still not enough. I learned that if your data is not backed up in 3 separate places its not really backed up. 

How do you maintain your storage and what is the process you use for keeping things organized and readily available?

After the Q&A CineXinsert gave us a look through of their product which blew my mind. Now if I'm saying this right, their product allows you to edit an already exported final video file without having to go back into your workspace, make the change and spend hours exporting it again. Amazing right. Big eyed mouth open emoji inserted here!!! 

I definitely was like WOAH just like everyone else in the room. You can find out more about this deck here

Next it was GoPro's turn and they spoke to us about their creative community and how you can make money from selling GoPro your edited and unedited footage and photos. Crazy right. I know Im supposed to be against stuff like this being that it'll make it easier for the everyday person to now be even more encouraged to create content making this already large, but stuffy, community even smaller and harder to penetrate. False and I wont get into why. 

Not only did they introduce us to this creative community, the also gave away some cool prizes including 2 GoPro's cameras. Did I win Nah, but I was extremely grateful to be in attendance learning and networking. I dont own a GoPro, but when I do I will most likely dig deeper into this. 


When GoPro wrapped their presentation, Larry Gordan and Norman Hollym both responsible for 2ReelGuys, gave an amazing presentation sharing tips and techniques for the documentary world, which I highly appreciated. They showed us how to structure a documentary story and keep the audience engaged. Great great tips that can be useful for various aspects of media production. 

Fellow content creators I highly suggest you attend events like these around the city. They offer not only a good place to network, but what you learn from people in and out of the industry is amazing. Whether you're a student, amatuer, working professional/pro all of these events can have a good deal of benefits. 

For events like this one and so many more I suggest you visit