Andrea Bogdan

Always wanting to create and invite  new people into my world, when I first moved to LA I wanted to shoot an artist and that first person was Andrea Bogdan. Her studio located on the 2nd floor in the Last Bookstore located downtown, is such a dream. Filled with all of her pieces amongst other things she creates, Andrea's studio is one to be remembered. I was exploring the book store and almost immediately stopped in my tracks when I reached the door to her studio. Colorful and eclectic, I couldn't help but go in and start a conversation with her. Extremely sweet and kind, Andrea is one of the most passionate artists I've met to date. So passionate that I wanted to do an artist profile piece on her. 

I began working with Andrea not much longer after our first meeting. I began attending art shows, gallery showings and live painting events of Andrea to capture as many moments as possible. At first it was unclear the direction I wanted to go, but as time proceeded I was able to feel for who she was and her contribution to the world. 

Now in the process of wrapping up editing for her piece, it almost saddens me that this project is coming to a close after almost a year of documentation. None the less here are a few stills of Andrea at work at a live painting event and you can also stay on the look out for the final video project coming soon. 

You can find more about Andrea and her work at 

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