Pivotal Transitions | My 1st Travel Vlog | August 2016

There are pivotal transitions we must either assume or eventually face when life chooses to no longer hide what is inevitable. The years of familial and social conditioning has created a force field of doubt that eventually caters to the crater of apprehension. 

Before long, the misleading or confusion placed upon ourselves by ourselves, traces forward and back to nothing granting us with the ability to not push through. In this, to whom do we point the finger? 

                 Bri Lopez | Intro travel vlog | Travel Vlog 01 | A snippet of the Bay

This is my first travel vlog and I am taking a leap into finalizing all that has been my life the past two years since moving to Los Angeles. I find myself alone a lot of the time and in my car driving to places that peak my interests and for work that requires travel. Out of all the many things in my life, traveling alone has been the one thing to never disappoint and the more I travel the more I find myself and what I think is the meaning of life.  This year has been one of the most difficult yet liberating of my life as I have had to let go of one of the longest friendships of my life as well as one of the most important and sacred relationships of my life. All needed in order to become what you'll see in this vlog. 

These first few clips will be short and sweet until I gain momentum and start solidifying more travel explorations. Please enjoy my first travel vlog showcasing my first trip to Pacifica, CA and Big Sur, CA.  I really hope you enjoy taking a step into my life and for the people and things that no longer play a role in my life, thank you for adding to the fire that now will forever burn in the pit of what my life will now become. 

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