Bri Lopez | travel vlog 04 | Extended | Portuguese Bend, CA


Yuna "Live Your Life"

"Find your light. Don't hide from what you are and rise before you fall and hope for something more. Live if you really want to. "

I've recently been obsessed with conquering and discovering my fears. Ive concluded that although I don't have many, the ones I do possess will not be there for much longer. The growth, stability, assuredness, grace and peace I've acquired is unmatched. But within that I am aware that God is the greatest and when you feel God is a part of you, you become just that. The wiser I become the more and more I find words useless, not useless in content, but sometimes useless in context. We are growing, becoming and in that there are experiences I can no longer explain or comprehend and that to me is the beauty of life.

Bri Lopez | travel vlog 04 | Extended | Portuguese Bend, CA

Portuguese Bend was a place I never heard of until my friend Jmoe brought it to my attention. This was the time that I finalized my passion for exploring and made it a priority to get off my ass and get out there. Since this trip I have not stopped. Finding places in your own backyard will be pivotal to me finding myself and becoming closer to God. With so many exciting things happening in my life right now, this is still the most important. These places I find myself alone are where I thrive, listen to my own thoughts and feelings. Through the many transitions coming my way, in all, these moments will be the glue of my existence of now and in the future, whatever that may be.

As a visual content creator I used to be fixated on creating and in that I found frustration along with joy and everything else. Now documenting has given me so much power and enlightenment. Im anxious to find somewhere new to explore. I have this huge inclination that when I travel to Japan in November I will forever be changed. Changed in the greatest way that will be the kick off to the life Ive always wanted, which Im already currently living. I encourage you to focus on the truth inside of you. Focus on your gut feelings and instincts that force you forward in life. I have to say it has been the greatest blessing of all. To be able to formulate your life in a way where the people and circumstances you encounter automatically fit your needs and desires and not the other way around. Im my greatest definition of freedom. Whats yours?