Bri Lopez | Travel Vlog 05 | Just For A Few | Cambria, CA

Just for a few I'd like for you to watch something Ive been blessed to witness. Something God has chosen to show me even if no one else was looking. Today the madness has struck a cord in me that has still not broken my grace, though felt. I can feel the bars around our hearts growing thicker. Our minds lacking and eventually disconnecting the logic in our emotions possibly vacating us hopeless. Where are we going? While some of us are chasing prosperity it is promoted that  most  are rushing  just to live. Where do we shift our focus without attaining selfishness? Do we even care, honestly? 

                   Bri Lopez | travel vlog 05 | Just for a few | Cambria, CA

This vlog is a little different because it is one shot. While in Vegas less than 12 days ago, 5:30 AM I woke and found a destination I wanted to share. This is not it. 6 days ago I was immensely blessed with the opportunity to shoot a Kundalini Yoga retreat for women in Cambria, CA. Unaware of what would be involved I have to say it was one of the better experiences in my career as a content creator and person. Going in with little information, I came home peaceful, ready and more importantly closer to the most important person I know, myself. 

Right now there is so much hanging heavy in the world and I'm sure in most of us. However, right now is the most important time to keep doing what you're doing. Changing yourself eventually changes the world and the madness surrounding us will one day cease even if not in our lifetime. To be honest it was a struggle getting through this piece because Im currently creatively tired. I feel like I haven't had much time to breathe and take things in until now. Ive been traveling heavily since July and will be doing so for the remainder of the year, which of course I am entirely grateful for. There is this really dark feeling in the world right now no matter how much yoga or breathing I do. Ive always been very empathic for life and the life of those less fortunate. So in my practice of peace, I am still aware that the world is changing and there are people who I cannot save. 

"Just for a few" is different because I am only asking you just sit and watch this incredible sunset I was lucky enough to witness. I have never seen clouds so low and there was this smoke or fog or whatever it was hovering over it all, which I still cannot explain. By all means the camera does no justice, but I think its important we just for two minutes watch something beautiful without any interruption.

I thank you all kindly for allowing me to share this with you.