Bri Lopez | Travel Vlog 02 | Tracing Back, Mojave Desert

Tracing Back

"You are airborne. You are silver rays. Will it ever flow, will it ever soar?" (Little Dragon "Feather").  

Within the meaning of myself Im finding there is nothing, not even judgement. But because we are here, on this planet consuming what we are given, it is up to me to fill the voids in which I lack even if it traces back to the screams in my dreams. 


                      Bri Lopez | Tracing Back | travel vlog 02 | Mojave Desert

Tracing Back is my 2nd travel vlog taking you to the Mojave desert. I used to really dream of being in the desert for some strange reason as a kid. I had a huge fascination with it, but never had a great explanation as to why. Now, here, engulfed, indulging I know exactly why. The isolation of the deseret gives me a fire like none Ive ever felt before. Alone consuming this massive fortitude of blank space and open skies breeds within me the drive to extend. Simply put, being alone in such a space where only you and God can hear is a remarkable feeling. One I find myself chasing often. To be honest there is a slight fear of the desert which is the true culprit in my ignition for exploration. Fear. The idea that something is greater than I causes me to obsess about that thing and in return I put myself in the center of it's deprivation.  This like the rest, will eventually become a part of me and not something I'm afraid of, only something I am. 

I truly want to say thank you to everyone who has been showing me grace because of this vlog. I truly appreciate that I have now found a platform to express these very deep craters of who I am.  Literally baring all without any expectations, only greater and greater outcomes of who Im continuing to be. I love you all dearly and truly. Love without judgement is my greatest gift and I pray literally for all I know, all I will know and all who exist. 

Where there is no fear, there are no boundaries.