The Process Always Just Begins

Bri giving a speech at her event.

When we have ideas there is a whole slew of things that come between it and the end result. For my first event in LA, it was taking the idea and finding the avenues I needed to execute. So many people, creative or not, have a hard time seeing their ideas become reality and in turn spend their lives letting their big or small ideas get away. 

The process always just begins means that executing an idea only gives you more insight into what to do the next go round. For me, the accumulation of experiences hold so much more value than being compensated with money or materials. My first event taught me some very valuable lessons as well as encouraged me to prep and find what I can do differently and better for my next event. 

Here are some tips for executing an idea that helped me:

1. Plan ahead, but not too far in advanced that too much time overlaps and you have to basically start from scratch again. 

2. The internet is here. Do your research and call as many places as you can to find what you're looking for. Yelp, IG, FB are incredible tools for helping you locate the places or people you may need to execute your idea. Example. Interested in playing the clarinet, call a music shop somewhere in town and ask the person you're speaking to if they know of any meetings or events surrounding the clarinet. Just an example. 

3. Hire an assistant. Find someone reliable who can assist you and help you make decisions you may find hard on your own. My amazing assistant Ashely accompanied me from the idea until the execution. When it was time to finalize list like shopping and email list, she was able to add in the things I hadn't thought about.  

4. Don't stress what so ever. Ironically the only time I felt any type of anything occurred when I was first finding the answers to all my questions like where will I have it, how many people should I invite and whom, should I have food or wine or food and wine, what images will I choose to display and how much will I sell them for. So many small details that will arise, which is most likely to cause some type of stress or anxiety. Don't let it bother you. Whatever needs to be will be especially if you are on top of things and have a timeline to follow.

5. Don't let the fear of failure take away executing your ideas. The ego will do its best to talk you out of something that makes you uncomfortable, but don't give in. Execute your idea by doing what works best for you. Downsize, eliminate some things off your list and if you need to save money maybe don't have a certain thing present. Before anything check your ego and give yourself the brain space needed to put together something that has a lot of moving parts. Don't give in to the BS. Do it, learn from it and find out what you can do better for the next time you do something kick ass shit.