Brands and New Content

Most of my work is dedicated to travel. Well thats a lie because I am only traveling to destinations like Cuba 1-2 times a year. So what do I do with the rest of my time?

Although my passion and focus is travel/documentary, I love shooting lifestyle, fashion and editorial photography. Most of my work and clients consist of small businesses and influencers who just want good looking imagery to use for their websites and social media accounts. I mean don't we all want our brands and business to look good, professional and knowledgeable of whatever it is we're selling? 


For the month of October I will be hosting a special on lifestyle and brand content. The two packages are: 

1 hour session 1 look 4 final edits for $150
2 hour session 2 looks 7 final edits for $250

I of course live in LA, but will be traveling to the New York, Philadelphia area late in October until the beginning of November. You can find out my availability for the east coast by emailing me directly at 

Below are a few examples of the content I produce for a few businesses that I work with on a consistent basis. 


This is FIBI Pasadena. Its a real estate educational networking class that takes place once a month in Pasadena. I am responsible for not only producing the meeting, but also shooting the content. My job requires that I shoot the content that goes on Youtube and their membership site and their social media accounts. The membership site contains the full audio and video of each presentation, a recap video and an Instagram video. 


This is City Ballet of Los Angeles. I work with Robyn and her school quite often primarily shooting content for promo including a calendar featuring this image that came out this year and commercials. Here are two commercials I produced for City Ballet of LA this year: 

City Ballet of Los Angeles | Yuka Fukuda | Modern Dance
City Ballet of Los Angeles


This is Quincy's website. Ive only worked with Quincy, but there will surely be collaborations between us in the future. Quincy has a clothing brand he needed content for and these are just 3 of the images he chose from that shoot. You can see them fully at

I want to thank you kindly for taking out the time to read this article. I am looking forward to working with some of you in the very near future. 

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