Mark Edward Harris

"Look at what you have thats an advantage over other people." If there was anything I walked away with that day, this was one of many. I met Mark Edward Harris while I was working for the Palm Springs Photo Festival at Photo Expo in New York in October 2017. As I was ease dropping on his conversation, the only words that I heard were travel, photographer and workshop. As soon as he was finished his conversation, I walked over and introduced myself. "Hi. I'm Brianna Lopez and I overheard you mention you're a travel photographer." 

I took this photo of Mark during his travel photography workshop in Los Angeles, CA.

I took this photo of Mark during his travel photography workshop in Los Angeles, CA.

We talked for a few minutes about travel and images and how travel and images have opened, altered and progressed what we are. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but thats what it felt like. Up until this point, which was before my 3 week trip to Thailand, I felt excited but indecisive. Unsure if I wanted to take this route, unsure of my images and what they really meant. What did they say about what I was seeing? Did they mean anything? 

I emailed Mark 5 days later, thanking him for his generosity with photo ideas for Thailand and making sure he was aware that I was very serious about travel and photography.  We agreed to meet up for coffee/tea when time permitted. With Marks 40 plus years, 97 countries and many amazing publications later, he has already given me an ample amount of encouragement and faith that a successful career in being a travel photographer is more than possible. 

After our first meeting in February, we remained in contact via email hoping to have lunch at the Farmers Market come the beginning of April. Although we didn't get around to meeting that week, I actually ended up attending Marks one day travel photography workshop the same weekend and same day I was to head to Las Vegas for NAB. Only the universe can set something up so perfectly and I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to learn some techniques very necessary for my growth as an image creator. 

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