Sleeping with Giants


I decided to go camping and take a road trip for my 30th birthday. I camped in Humboldt Redwood Forest, which I get chills from still when I look at the videos and images I captured. Camping alone was a huge stepping stone in my life. Im adventurous, I travel, I experiment, but sleeping alone outside, I knew it would happen one day. 

Tallest tree ever recorded.

Tallest tree ever recorded.

Driving through the Avenue of the Giants connects you immediately to source. I arrived a little after 7PM and rushed to get my tent built. This was my first time building a tent alone. With patience saving me all my life, I was able to get it up and get a fire started right before the sun decided to depart. There is both a relief and fear attached to a silence like this. A hiss of lite whispers that you are unsure of where they came, but peaceful and deep in earth. You are aware that the happenings of this moment are natures intentions, and neither your thoughts or whats happening else where can effect this moment. 

There's a great deal of camping sites to choose from and research was done before my arrival. The Burlington camp ground, I believe is the first camp site you'll see once there. Its a family campsite so there is a booth, rangers, restrooms/showers, and almost everything else you'll need. If you are more of a backpacker and want a more authentic experience, go further north. Burlington was also where I discovered a Banana Slug. I thought I encountered an alien. Look it up. 


To be liberated of your cautions is to handle your fears. My lifestyle is unlike almost anyone I've known, especially from where I was born. As wisdom continues to be my teacher the gift of knowing is that wisdom is with experience, not age. I share these true progressions of my life and not for the purpose of art or conversation. This is real life. These days I spend alone in foreign places discovering, is my true teacher. My true form of acceptance and understanding. People rage their brains online, with other people, themselves, politics, the news, hate, fear and yet none of that exist here or in the places you choose, including your mind. 

If you do it, you want to. If you are looking for a space of solitude, impeccable energy, nature, history, peace, and silence, I highly recommend spending some time in Humboldt, CA. More photos and a video will be coming soon.