The Progression of Turning 30

Humboldt Redwood Forest

I will tell you my life's story another day. Today I will focus on the purity of my focus and where it has got me today. When I turned 30, though this was already destined, heres what happened:

I am aware of many things because its all nothing. It 's just here. I am filled with abundance, prosperity, light and more importantly love and not for anyone other than myself, because when I am filled, my entire universe and all that it touches will do the same. You have to understand your existence is beyond this realm. Your feelings are a gateway into the untouched, into the peace which we seem to have a hard time seeking. I promise at the last of my breath, that this and only this is the only form of currency used in all realms in all purposes. 

I turned 30 this year. You know how many people cringe at the idea of getting older as if the actual number has anything to do with real progression. I moved to LA in January 2015 with $600 I made selling images at my going away party. Excited, unsure, eager to progress. To track down that voice that has been whispering to me before I was even born. For reasons ineffable, circumstances, people, places, words, tears and many laughs have brought me to this very exact moment where you are reading this text. Nothing special, just here. In order to properly run down the timeline of this excursion, Ill need many blank pages and open passages to fill those blank pages. So instead, I'll brief the journey I took. 

 1. I took a road trip to Portland stopping in Oakland, Humboldt and Florence OR along the way. 

 2.  Met some incredible people sleeping on my friends couch in  Oakland, CA. 

 3.  The Monday after my birthday, I got news that I would be working as a co leader and photo teacher with National Geographic Student Expeditions this summer in NYC. Japan for Putney Student Travels was put on the table, but not confirmed. 

National Geographic Student Expeditions

 4. I Camped for 2 nights alone in Humboldt Redwood State Park. Sleeping among the great trees 200+ feet tall, starting a fire, setting up a tent and driving 30 miles to find a coffee shop to submit all my paperwork for this NYC gig.


5. Trampled up the 101 to Fern Canyon, seen below, which was a daunting task until its reveal after the 8 mile 1 way in 1 way out road to get there. 

Fern Canyon

6. After that I drove a few more hours to Oregon where I stayed in Florence  along the coast in a backyard house. I woke up to dogs, chickens, kids and it bothered me none. The Thursday I arrived in Oregon I got an offer email to also work for Putney Student Travels teaching Pre- College Photography and Film in Tokyo, Japan. 


7. I ended up in Portland where I spent the remainder of my trip. I had to actually end my trip early because I in 2 weeks I would be flying to Vermont to start training. Before I make my round of judgements I've expressed to others about Portland, I'll visit this place again and see how I feel. The nature of Oregon was magnificent, but again I'll confess that when I spend more time there.

This summer proved to be exactly what hitting a new decade means. Engulfed in the joy as well as submerged in the demons we think we've defeated. I have solidified that "I Belong Nowhere" will be the umbrella to house the many ideas and creations I have been secretly working on and running through my mind. Ive also discovered the importance of living and not to just to breathe, but fully living. Now that I'm back in LA and finally settled, I will be more proactive and efficient at sharing all I have going on, from developing a travel photo program for young adults, a wellness artist community building retreat, an I Belong Nowhere podcast amongst other things. 

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