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Bri in Vegas

It’s been awhile. Things have changed, but most importantly I hope you are well. I’m glad to announce that aside from breathing and being alive, life is moving forward in a way that has recharged my desire to share all that’s taking place. Isn’t it amazing how fast we can change if in that moment we actually choose to take action? No hesitation, just pure soul choosing, allowing. 2018 was a very interesting year for everyone. From Anthony Bourdain, Mac Miller, to family upheaval, tremendous miscommunication, learning that social media will be the life and death of us. Amongst landing the biggest job I’ve had to date and turning 30, 2018 was the transformation in which was both  joyous and as painful as can be. This year I also learned of the light I hide. So much of my upbringing is resurfacing. Forcing me to question everything. All along while developing myself as I am via my own choices, experiences, and power. I’m starting to get it even though I know I’ve always known. I can go on about this, however I’m going to redirect and finish off by saying life is wonderful even in all it's hate. The direction of your attention becomes your reality, which becomes who you are. We are all different. All cut to only match that in which we are, yet we are one. When you choose you, you are choosing everyone.

Why does a new year bring us into a space where we want to improve and make progress? We are so weirdly wired, but that’s neither the point. Now that 2019 has approached I’d like to share what’s the haps on my side and where and what i'll be doing this year. 

I Belong Nowhere
Travel Photography Workshop

When I was 16 I went to Paris, France for my senior class trip. It was the first time I was ever on a plane. Before then my dreams or aspirations were always as big as day. I wanted to be a veterinarian, an astronaut, a marine biologist, an assassin and an explorer. I would have intense dreams about traveling and being in huge spaces where I was dissolved to almost nothing. Years later I find my greatest peace in landscapes and spaces that remind me of how small I am. So much so that I’ve spent the last year developing I Belong Nowhere, which is a travel photography workshop dedicated to working with young adults who are interested in photography, travel and self exploration.

In partnership with the Las Fotos ProjectI Belong Nowhere kicks off in January 2019 where I’ll be taking a group of young photographers on a photo expedition to Lake Isabella, CA. The travel intensive will include 2 days of in classroom learning and 3 days/2 nights of on location exploring and documenting. The goal for this program is that I’d like for it to be implemented into schools and programs for young adults all over the world. Its an initiative to merge technology, nature and us.


If you work at a school or program that is dedicated to youth empowerment and are interested in I Belong Nowhere please let me know. I can emailed directly at

Traveling to Colombia and Peru

On February 2nd I’ll be taking a flight from Los Angeles to Bogota, Colombia. After I spend a month trekking around Colombia, eating, meeting friends documenting and living, I’ll be making my way to Cusco, Peru where I’ll be posted up for a month before returning back to the states. Here are my travel dates and destinations.

Bogota, Colombia February 3-11
Medellin, Colombia February 11-28
Cartagena, Colombia  February 28-March 1
Barranquilla March 1-8
Cusco Peru March 8-April 8

It’s important I let it be known that I don't always travel for work. My personal trips are for me to be alone. To document, create, meditate, discover, and to just live. I like waking up in a new place unbothered by societal rush and overcompensation for existence. It allows me to remember why I came here and what other things I need to work on regarding my personal, spiritual and career growth. It's to take the necessary time and space I (I, I, me, self, myself, God self) need in order to realign and find my groove. If you will be in those locations or know of people and cool things to do, please feel free to reach me directly at

National Geographic Student Expeditions and Putney Student Travels 

IMG_1957 copy.jpg

I met an amazing woman named Erin Davis who thought it’d be a good idea for me to apply to teach for Putney Student Travel and National Geographic Student Expeditions. Assuring me that they would be looking for new candidates, Erin got the email from Putney announcing that the were still looking. Within that same hour I was applying for Putney frantically as I was beyond excited to even know this existed. Please be mindful that this occurred on May 5th. Way after applications were closed and only 3 weeks away from training. I was contacted by Putney and the full application process began from there. Long story short I was hired. At first I was offered to teach in Oxford, but Putney decided I’d be better suited for other trips. I was then offered the National Geographic Student Expedition in NY and I so gladly accepted. While camping alone in Humboldt at this point, I had to scan documents, fill out paperwork, schedule to take a first aid class and make sure all my paperwork was in order. All while sleeping in a tent surrounded my redwood trees for 3 days with no service. Continuing to Portland for the end of my road trip, I got an email for a second offer that  was actually my 1st choice. To teach pre college photography and film in Tokyo, Japan. After getting back to LA I had two weeks before I headed to Putney, Vermont to train. Another cool story is that I was one of the 1st leaders to be a first time leader teaching two excursions in one summer for both Putney and National Geographic.


This summer I’ll be working with them again. My destination request have been New Zealand, Tanzania and Lisbon. I'll keep you guys posted on my whereabouts for this and if you are ever considering teaching in this capacity please let me know. 

Moving out of my apartment


I’m calculated. I think. I like comfort and knowing that I have things, places and people to reassure me that I’m doing the right thing. My sun and moon both lay in Taurus. I move slow and don’t like change. These are also my life’s lessons. I have to embrace change and I have to choose to move a little faster especially if my hindrances are based off fear and lack instead of abundance and trust. See what happens when you learn self?

I am moving out of my apartment in a neighborhood that I love dearly. I am choosing to allow what is for me be for me. I am letting go of the things that hold me back. Letting go of the responsibilities that sometimes hinder my purpose and path. I’ll be rent free for as long as I can while also diving so hard into the things I want to accomplish like financial gain and education, paying off loans, spending more time with family and getting into the New York scene. Creating new itineraries for future workshops, working on personal projects and self, landing new travel clients, creating a business plan, rebranding and so much more. Yes i’ll be homeless, but the funny part is I’ll have a home no matter where I go.

My words of Wisdom

"What am I trying to say of what needs to be said to prepare those who need to listen?"-B.Lopez

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