In Creation of Who Im Becoming | Traveling & A Camera June 2019


I love humans, deeply. In many cases I have to escape and pray away from the love I have so much for the beings that occupy this planet. Two and a half months finding light in Colombia and Peru. Finding myself via detoxing, meditation, writing, reading, eating and being. Fully unbothered by the madness that seems to pervade the collective consciousness back at home, where I live and the world in its entirety. A lesson I learned is that the mind needs conflict, conflict feeds the machine, the machine needs your low vibrations to breathe. I rented a cabin in Pisac, in The Sacred Valley 45 minutes outside of Cusco. Perfect for one person, perfect for a person seeking solitude with a mission to reprogram, redo, repeat, be. The goal for my time spent there was clarity. To clear away the debris that I’ve been holding for lifetimes. This is the same debris that has been floating around for generations in which I am tied to. In writing this, there are no words to properly describe the feeling of truly giving yourself space to breathe. To, finally meeting the higher self accurately and facing the shadows that have always been there, but ignored. To find the root cause for my existence in peace, in one of the highest vortexes in the world that truly catered to a purpose so deep, again these words truly hold no meaning.

I have since returned to the states and integrated back into this reality, this dimension. The once 3D now 5D, where the brain is back at work. I am refreshed and living as a nomad in Los Angeles. I am apartment free and have been hoping from place to place which I've discovered was one of the best decisions of my life. I am free even if there is fog lingering behind, I remember who I am. I can decipher between my lower self and higher self as I continue to navigate this crazy place. Im finding comfort in being uncomfortable. My time spent away was all in preparation to live in this way. To not be afraid of not knowing what’s next. Teaching me to trust fully in the universe and my ability to manifest and know, simply know that I am and will always be cared for.

I have been hired again this year to lead two National Geographic Student Expeditions in New York and my favorite place, Japan. I also will be photographing a NY Times student journey, DC to Houston: Aerospace Technology & Space Technology. Alongside these great opportunities I have been working on developing my next travel photography workshop in partnership with Las Fotos and producing the I Belong Nowhere podcast, which will be released early 2020. Please don’t assume or congratulate me too deeply as most people think these positions are what will make me great. It is because I am great that these opportunities are presented. It is natural law. I impose you find your greatness so that the journey means just as much as the goal. Our unexcused culture conditions us to scramble to the goal and forget that the journey, your life, your smiles, your tears, your desires, how you greet the shopkeeper, how you feel in the morning, what you read, how you cook, how you walk, what you eat, how you dream, how you treat those in need, how you love, how you love yourself, how you compare, how you treat your beauty, simply how you feel about you. That’s what will take you where you need to go and nothing more.


Article by Voyage LA Magazine 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brianna Lopez

Brianna, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

I am a freelance photographer and filmmaker. I began my creative career in 2012 when I picked up a camera for the first time. It was during my last year at West Chester University where I obtained my BA in English (Writers Track). For the next year, I toggled with the idea while making it a necessary hobby. At the time I was writing artist bios for people around the city, while also interning at a local radio station in West Philadelphia. Once I decided I wanted to pursue the camera, I was introduced to my mentor Brian “B. Kyle” Atkins. From day one Brian had me on every production possible where I immediately got my hands dirty in every department possible. From camera to producing, assistant director, editing, you name it. As this became somewhat of an obsession, I was still working at a local pizza shop in southwest Philadelphia and also working part-time at a PR firm in Delaware.

You can read the full write up here. 

National Geographic Student Expeditions 2019 | Photo Workshop 


This past weekend I had the deep pleasure of training, sleeping, eating, learning and befriending the great people of Putney Student Travel and National Geographic in Vermont. Im extremely honored to once again be working alongside my co leader John Ralston in New York. Our workshop expert is National Geographic photographer Ruddy Roye. In Japan I will be co leading with photographers, travelers, educators Alex Tracy, William Liu, and Jocelyn Hung. Our workshop experts will be Ira Block and James Whitlow

The Hue Man | Short film 

This piece has sat for quite some time. The beach footage was shot in 2015/2016 and the other footage is stock. As I continue to ascend and learn concepts of race and humanity, I am at the point where deciphering truth from projections and personal experiences is necessary in order to see fully. This came to me one night when I was probably feeling like how have we separated so deeply on this planet by something so so simple as a skin color?

Featuring: Cece Taylor
Creative Direction & Styling: Brittany Kelly

Travel Updates

Philadelphia June 20th-June 24th
Washington DC June 24th-June 28th
New York June 28th-July 17th
LA July 18-July 20th
Japan July 20-August 1st


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