Getting Out of My Own Way | Still on the Move w. A Camera September 2019


Some of you see me, many of you do not. My brain has been hurting recently from drowning my face in the phone. I find that during my travels I spend way more time than normal browsing through social media. Hanging my head down stressing my neck, just strolling. Seeing, looking at things that hold an undisclosed amount of influence on my life. 98% of the information I retain feels like its buffering in my subconscious. The other 2%, I'm sure makes an impact on me somehow, I just sometimes have a hard time comprehending where. Since my last letter, I have been making my rounds around the world. Washington DC, New York, Japan, Big Bear, Las Vegas, Cayman Islands and just recently a few days back from Mexico. I am still a nomad which has both its ends tied to the barrel. I am free, but always looking. What I am discovering, is that the more you discover who you really are, the easier and harder it gets. You are conspired against by the unseen to bring you back to conformity. Smush you back to the mundane, which even in all this awakening is still a high priority. The greatest battle you’ll ever fight is with yourself because the game is in the knowing. Then that game becomes another game, like being a player that has already won and decides to do it all over again. Does that feel familiar?

My solar plexus and root have been screaming for attention. This, for me, is where breathing and the heartbeat indicate my current state of well being. See, I advise you to get in-tune with your solar plexus, the center of the entirety of you. Those feelings can be so subdued that it truly takes deep listening to find out what it’s trying to tell you. Know the difference in your consciousness and subconscious. In my awareness, I am aware that my subconscious is currently under construction. Currently seeking I stay the same, but fortunately higher self and destiny will not have it that way. So I accept the rebirth of self, the next stage, the next frontier necessary for this journey because eye know a life takes a lifetime.


I Belong Nowhere
Travel Photography Workshop Pt. 2 


I am very pleased to announce the 2nd round of the I Belong Nowhere travel photography workshop in partnership with Las Fotos Project. We will again be photographing, documenting and learning in the Kern River area, Lake Isabella. This time however, will be slightly different as we have been granted access to photograph the local indigenous community, which is something beyond what I could have hoped for. If you want to take a peek at our first excursion, you can do so using this link here.

Hosting my 1st event | Travel as Therapy


When: Saturday October 26, 2019
Time: 7:00PM
Where: 2658 Pasadena Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90031


Travel As Therapy is a panel discussion curated and hosted by Bri Lopez. As an avid traveler educator, and seeker of self, this event was produced with the idea that travel can be used as a form of therapy. The panelists include a diverse group of individuals who use travel as a way to progress mentally, spiritually, physically, and professionally.

To travel the world beyond the tourist perspective, requires you to step into a journey that can only be yours. We will talk about the obstacles, experiences, awakenings, joys and pains of self discovery through travel and how you can use travel to do the same. It isn't always about nice hotels and fancy restaurants, it’s also about those once in a lifetime conversations, those moments where you have to choose between going or staying, the people we meet along the way who become family and the cultures and experiences that spark a new love for conquering our fears.

This open conversation will introduce you to how some people use the world to travel as a form of therapy.


Jeannette Ceja:  Travel Journalist, Travel Advisor, Global Speaker & Travel/TV host

Ryan Duclos:  Photographer, Traveler, Adventurist

Akeem of Earth:   Filmmaker, Photographer, Traveler, Mental Health Advocate

Brittany Kelly: Technologist, Traveler, Stylist 

Sarah Singer: Photographer, Wellness, Community Engagement, Traveler


There is no RSVP necessary, but you can sign up through Eventbrite here

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