image1 We are born to be surrounded by things and people and life and feelings and hate and greed and peace and love and maybe even life.


But, there are stages in which we must request solitude. Solitude from the everyday undertakings of  misfortunate fortunes we can sometimes breathe without.


We are miraculously forced to feel as if we need to be in, in order to be whole, when solitary is where we can finally hear our thoughts speak free and our soul's seek reach.


The beautiful presence you see is Zee

Muspiration: Lupe Fiasco "Blur My Hands"

Our God

IMG_9860 2There is this thing given to us that we will not always know what to do with. There are those who take full advantage of it and those who choose to watch it wither. Some fight and die for what is given and others will never have to lift a finger nor comprehend the concept of struggle. Though these factors of the past and unknown will never be understood, it is our duty to do the best that we can with what we have. Our God has chosen us for reasons we only dream of, not knowing whats concluded.

"One With" Part 1

Brianna-Lopez-OneWith1 copy Whilom I stepped in to a fortune unknown. I was blindly guided to a highs highest height. I was told by the unknown that there was no destination. That if I could only just feel my way through the groundless footsteps of my stride that I would no longer worry. It was mentioned by repetition and never feared by precaution as I was cautioned to never be cautious. A day like todays rains only guided me further as it only blurred what was right in front of me and never what I couldn't see. Which already was. There were no roads, no miscellaneous prints of mystery to show the slights bit of possibility. On the way I was tamed timeless by the beautified obscurities that would secure who I was and never when. It happened......

To be continued....