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Support the Non Conformed

We assume every action has a purpose and that every experience has to make sense. I do not confine my life to assumptions because what is is what is and what is apparent in your life is only concluded by the actions you take. I don’t like the word dreams. 

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The Process Always Just Begins

When we have ideas there is a whole slew of things that come between it and the end result. For my first event in LA, it was taking the idea and finding the avenues I needed to execute. So many people, creative or not, have a hard time seeing their ideas become reality and in turn spend their lives letting their big or small ideas get away. 

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Some BTS with Snoop Dogg

I have been given the opportunity to be a part of a lot of cool and amazing things. Through all, this experience had to be one of my top 5. Hanging out and photographing a jam session with Snoop Dogg was surreal. From the time we arrived on set to wrap it was an absolute blast.

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