Ineffability | Idyllwild, CA | 5,000 FT Above Sea Level

There is nothing more pleasing to me, than witnessing earth. I find myself at complete peace when I am given opportunities to immerse myself in the world around me. When I was a kid I remember always wanting to drive. I had this small obsession about the thing that could take you places. Now that I have access to unlimited road and opportunity, I hope in my car every chance I get. 

Idyllwild, CA is about a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. The video depicts my descent from 5,000 feet above sea level. I was in Idyllwild shooting for the Immense Grace Women's Retreat with RAMA, which is a yoga institute in Venice. Driving through Idyllwild is a dream. I got a glimpse of snow, some tall redwood tress and a small town I would live in without a second thought. Unfortunately this vlog isn't about the town itself, but about the amazing view I captured when my weekend retreat was over. 

I invite you on this ride with me to show you how amazing open and free the world is and how its our right to experience it first hand. 

An Exchange of Words w/ Ab-Soul

[youtube] A few months ago I was at a show at the TLA (Philadelphia) and the performers were SchoolBoy Q with special guest Ab-Soul. Already and avid Ab-Soul listener, I was given the opportunity to go back stage. In doing so, I found him sitting on the top floor in the first room with a few other people. I walked in, nervous as h*ll, and introduced myself. After that I spent the next hour or so hanging and chatting with Ab-Soul. Only capturing about 10 minutes of our conversation on film, this still was a remarkable night for myself because he is definitely who he claims to be. Now going back and finding myself listening to his older pieces,  the growth is surely unmatched. This time last year I didn't know who he was and now I force his music upon everyone I come in contact with. Enjoy!