About Bri Lopez

Brianna Lopez is a freelance photographer and videographer with a focus in travel and documentary visual media creation. She also works in the fields of lifestyle, branding and overall content development. Brianna started creating visually in 2012 in Philadelphia and has since taken her artistry to Los Angeles in early 2015. Working with a diverse client base, Brianna is recognized for her intimate candid captures that show emotional easiness and isolation. She has worked in the fields of music, marketing, fashion, editorial and commercial photography. She is a traveler at heart and lives for open spaces and landscapes that aid in her visual content creativeness. 

She obtained her BA in English from West Chester University picking up photography and film during her senior year. Although she did not go to school for either, Brianna has extensive experience in production and photography almost never putting her camera down. She is a dynamic spirit whose goal is to create beautiful, but more importantly, emotionally impactful imagery that is timeless. Edging her way into educating and mentoring Brianna has taught workshops at Canon Hollywood and Canon Burbank.

In 2018 Brianna lead a photography workshop with National Geographic’s student expeditions in New York city, along with teaching a pre college course in film and photography in Tokyo, Japan a for Putney Student Travels. When Brianna is not solo traveling around the world, and contemplating her next adventure, she is developing I Belong Nowhere, s a travel photography workshop dedicated to working with young adults. Partnering with the Las Fotos project, I Belong Nowhere kicked off in January 2019 with a 3 day excursion to Lake Isabella, CA.

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What People are saying about Brianna Lopez:


"Brianna is a amazing person to trust your brand and image with. I'm sure happy I did." Nehemiah Davis 

"Brianna has been assisting me on my Photoshoots for the past three years and I cannot say enough good things. She is attentive and caring, professional and thoughtful, always making sure I have what I need and that my clients are happy.  I hope to keep working with her for many years to come. " Brett Stanley 

"Bri is the absolute best. She's professional, talented and most important, willing to learn. We've worked on dozens of projects over the years, and she's been willing to go above and beyond to make sure the shoot and final product was delivered at its highest quality. Our firm was sad to see her move to California, but definitely value everything she's done and hopefully will do for us in the future."Dominique Landry Co-Founder/ Creative Director Common Ground Management, LLC