I Belong Nowhere is a travel photography program designed to encourage self-exploration, creativity, and cultural concentration within the youth community. As society becomes more and more attached to digital sources of entertainment, it’s imperative we remain connected to source. The program will encourage youth to step outside of their comfort zones to learn more about themselves and the massive world they live in. It is geared to trigger curiosity and creativity as it will help them understand and unlock ideas and emotions they probably didn’t know they had. Traveling is the epitome of discovery and personal development and I want to share this experience with the world’s future, our current youth.

I Belong Nowhere will cater to kids from all backgrounds, ethnicities and economic situations. The reason diversity from all backgrounds is promoted is because outside of learning from the world through travel, we also learn vigorously from the people around us. Allowing them to have friends and peers from different backgrounds opens them up to new ways of life, cultures and communities.

we are now accepting donations on behalf of I Belong Nowhere and Las Fotos Project. If you’d like to donate to this project excursion you can do so by following directions below.

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Please be sure to mention in the comments section that your donation is on behalf of the I Belong Nowhere travel photography workshop.

We are truly grateful for your help and are looking forward to conducting many of these classes in the future.