As I continue to develop into a visual storyteller, most of the images I capture are from personal solo trips around the world. I am training both my eye and my heart to photograph and document the experiences I endure in a way where you, the viewer, can feel as if you were there. Mastery takes time and I am dedicated to taking these trips to challenge myself. I have much more time and learning to accomplish before I can truly consider myself a master. There is always something to learn and there will always be subjects available for me to capture. The true goal for my travel photography career is to tell stories. I want my images to be able to tell a story at first glance. Allow you to want to know more and inquire into the life of this being or place. Travel has brought so much light into my life and is my greatest teacher. These images are just the beginning of that journey and I hope they encourage you to travel and get out there cause we belong nowhere.