At 16 I was given the opportunity to travel to Paris for my senior class trip. It was my first time ever on a plane and it was the first time a true transition of thought and experience within myself took place. Since then I have had more than just a travel bug and desire to see the world. I am obsessed with who I become every time I explore a place unknown to me. It is now one of my life goals to see the world and tell stories about the amazing cultures and people that occupy it. I do this by creating visual stories using a camera. As a documentor, I am getting better at not only life itself, but also how I tell stories about the things, people and places I encounter and this is only the beginning.

Being 5,000 feet above sea level is just astonishing. Im sure some people may think this is basic or normal, but when you get a high from being in vast open spaces, this is the perfect specimen. Take this ride with me listening to Ketsa Music as I travel down from Idyllwild back to flat land.

Kyoto pretty much sums up the perfect solo trip. Although I was days before engulfed in the city life of Tokyo, Kyoto is what stole my heart. Im finding that words and words have less and less meaning and that experience, pure experience is the only answer in compassion and empathy. Kyoto changed how I viewed the world and I hope this video encourages to seek the magic that I found while visiting Kyoto, Japan. You can read the full article and blog post here

This definitely took a minute. If you know me, you know that travel has been on the forefront of my long list of things to accomplish. Going to Japan alone was the first step in that direction.  I was fearless in all aspects and not once did I regret going alone or feel that I was missing something. You can read the full article and blog post here

This one took a minute. I did post some of the images on IG, but the video I sat with. So much has been going on and by all means am I thankful for the many opportunities that have been thrown my way. This trip took place while I was assisting Brett in Vegas. I told myself that I was going to make sure I took a few hours to go somewhere Ive never been before. You can read the full article and blog post here.

Just for a few I'd like for you to watch something Ive been blessed to witness. Something God has chosen to show me even if no one else was looking. Today the madness has struck a cord in me that has still not broken my grace, though felt. You can read the full article and blog post here

I've recently been obsessed with conquering and discovering my fears. Ive concluded that although I don't have many, the ones I do possess will not be there for much longer. The growth, stability, assuredness, grace and peace I've acquired is unmatched. But within that I am aware that God is the greatest and when you feel God is a part of you, you become just that. You can read the full article and blog post here

I imagined time always there without effort. Not holding onto the purposes of its true meaning. The idea that nothing is unless time permits in this moment, this second this instance in which we will soon forget. You can see the full write up here.

Tracing Back is my 2nd travel vlog taking you to the Mojave desert. I used to really dream of being in the desert for some strange reason as a kid. I had a huge fascination with it, but never had a great explanation as to why. Now, here, engulfed, indulging I know exactly why. The isolation of the desert gives me a fire like none Ive ever felt before. You can see the full write up and blog post here

This is my first travel vlog and I am taking a leap into finalizing all that has been my life the past two years since moving to Los Angeles. I find myself alone a lot of the time and in my car driving to places that peak my interests and for work that requires travel. You can see the full write up and blog post here.